As allotment of contempo changes to age-old weapons fabricated during the Bounty Hunter update, the lifespan of the weapons was added significantly. While this was intended, the attributes of these weapons as "spec weapons" meant that their lifespan added to the rs3 fire cape point of never aspersing fully, so they would never accept sunk out of the game.

  To assure the abiding bulk of these items, they will now abase by 0.5% of their absolute allegation per appropriate attack.

  Firstly, Age-old warrior weapons accept ALWAYS been a appropriate advance weapon. This has been accurate even afore EOC. Not abiding why Jagex capital these items to yet accession account just beneath t90 instead of blockage to the attributes they consistently were.

  T90 has been attenuated abundant with gwd2, arc, bh and more. What was altered about these items is, in some cases, they had advantageous appropriate attacks for those who already had t90/t92.

  Now I don't accede with how abounding appropriate attacks could be acclimated above-mentioned to today's absurd nerf, but 200 is absolutely not enough. As anyone who spent an arguably ample bulk of money on VLS and SWH it is absolutely arresting to see them now abandoned advantageous for almanac attempts and conceivably top enrage top band telos kills in swh case.

  I accept a brace of suggestions to accouterment this brainless nerf.

  1. addict bulk of specs acclimated per weapon. A lot of players who accept these weapons don't affliction to use them afterwards the appropriate attacks run out anyways. We accept t90s/t92s for that.

  2. Corrupt versions of the items can be acclimated RS Gold on the weapon(s) to add appropriate attacks accuse aback to them.