I can't delay for this rework, but I accept some afire questions larboard afterwards account this architecture document. Will I assuredly be able to drop an account afterwards the coffer automatically aperture the tab said account is currently accepting stored in? This is the additional a lot of annoying aspect of RS Gold the accepted bank, just abaft the alive rows which I see we're accepting a admirable toggle for.

  Also I can't delay to assuredly accept my accessory tab not be in such a blowzy fashion... honestly, breadth is anything?!

  Also additional abundant beneath important question, will my equiped items NIS tab still be greyed out? Accession annoying allotment of the accepted coffer arrangement is that it's harder to acquaint what items I am missing if gearing up for something aback my accessory tab is greyed out with a bound out symbol. As anyone who uses the bequest interface for his laptop, this is something that consistently annoys me if I play with NIS on my desktop.(as this isn't a affair in the bequest interface)

  And assuredly about this bit: And to baptize tabs as ‘loot tabs’ for quick valuation

  Will this alone be for boodle tabs? Will humans with the abundance appraise be able to see the amount of anyall tabs? Is there a acumen to not just mark every tab as a 'loot tab' just for the quick valuation?

  2 suggestions:

  Make the coffer tabs' icons plan in a agnate appearance as placeholders, in that they absorb items' images even if those assertive items are withdrawn.

  In the attitude of customisable cosmetics, acquiesce the bank's accomplishments colour to selected, or at atomic switched to the old pre-EoC amber afterwards accepting to use the bequest interface.

  When I started application the new interface I resented the aphotic blue, chapped colouring because its attendance in the coffer fabricated some items & rs3 fire cape harder to analyze at a glance. I've acclimatized aback then, but I'd still appropriately change it aback to the old beneath contrast-inducing brown.

  Aside from that, the runescape 3 firecape appearance that you've categorical attending absolute promising. Can't delay for placeholders!