Inside, the second game developed by Playdead, will be released on PS4 "at the end of August"according to VG247. The site spoke to someone it referred to as a trusted source.This rumor doesn't seem farfetched. PS4 trophies for Inside were spotted on gaming-oriented social site  Exophase earlier thismorning. Madden 17 coins IOS  On top of that, developers from Playdead gave an interview with Push Square in early July assuring players that Inside


           would come to PS4 sooner or later. "Our goal is of course to get Inside into the hands of as many gamers as possible, but we can't say anything about other potential platforms at this point."Then there's the release pattern of Playdead's previous and first title, puzzle-platformer Madden 17 IOS coins Limbo. It started out on Xbox 360, leaped its way onto PS3 and PC, and then skipped over to myriad other platforms including PS Vita and Xbox One.Inside hit Xbox One and PC in late June. Visit Chatty to Join The Conversation

        Ghostbusters the video game came out alongside Ghostbusters the movie on July 12, to less than lackluster reviews. Three days later, developer Fireforge Games filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy.According to court documents (via Kotaku) , the company owes more than $12 million to various sources and has been liquidating assets to try to pay it off. Chinese company Tencent has a 37% stake in the company, and had worked with Fireforge on the development of a MOBA codenamed Atlus. Hardware maker Razer worked with them on a separate MOBA codenamed Zeus. Both have since stopped production.In addition to owing Tencent more than million, Fireforge was enmeshed in a suit with Razer CEOMin-Liang Tan over the timing and priority of development of Zeus vs. Atlas. Also in litigation is a claim that Fireforge owed failed developer 38 Studios $3.7 million for licensing social media platform Helios, but then backing out and instead hiring ex-38 Studios employees to create their own product.Fireforge was founded in 2011.