Please fix the badge architect Nostalrius Elysium Gold team. Elysium claims they acquire no ascendancy over it."Greetings. We acquire been accepting abounding questions and apropos about the Nostalrius Tokens accepting beneath maintenance.

  However, this is absolutely out of our control. We acquire no admission to their web servers, and we cannot force them to fix the issue. Any problems involving their website, or alteration inquiries/requests should be redirected to their forums, as there is regrettably annihilation we can do about them in any regards."

  I achievement you all had a Merry Christmas and now Please, please, amuse fix the badge generator. Thank you absolute actual much.

  I anticipate a lot of humans are accomplished with it demography a little best to fix and are just acquisitive for some array of amend on the issue. I don't anticipate that's too abundant to ask accustomed it's been over a anniversary now (8-10 canicule I'm appealing sure) and a lot of humans out there get 2-4 canicule for the holidays if any at all at atomic in the U.S.

  Like it's harder to appointment a website, attending at issues humans are accepting and column a response. No complete work, just annual and application fingers to blazon for 5 annual max.

  Honestly, if I don't get my old Nost burn back, I'm done. I acquire too little time to be cutting levels again.Yea aforementioned affect here, was absolutely acquisitive to get aback my old 60 but I didn't apprehend through the grape backcountry about Nost advancing aback online until the badge arrangement was already broken.

  Wierd kuz i swore I was subscribed to their email posts but still didn't apprehend annihilation until I saw a Monkeynews beck on twitch.

  I dunno Nost dev aggregation said they would abandoned abutment alive with Elysium humans until the 17th of December. Now that badge arrangement seems to acquire had a analytical abortion aloft the proposed abutment date... those who were on top the brawl and got the badge aboriginal seemed to be okay, us latecomers may be out of luck.

  The affairs of this accepting anchored seems accepted grim.The badge architect was alive and accepting maintained afterwards the 17th though... We abandoned chock-full audition babble afterwards it broke. I still acquire a little achievement but I'm starting to anticipate it adeptness not get fixed. Already started leveling a new appearance in case. If it does arise aback up I'll acquire to achieve Nostalrius Gold a new annual to transfer.

  Hopefully they don't accumulate absolution humans adhere and just crop down the page for badge bearing absolutely if they can't get it aback up. It's ambagious and candidly causing added abuse than anything.


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